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The Titlecards I draw for myself and others if I feels creative and/or specifically when they fudging ask me  photo LetsPlayWildGunsTitlecard_zpsbc438de7.png For the remake of the Let's Play me and Jman are doing.  photo ResidentEvilGaidenTitlecard_zps14c0e697.png This is old and done in paint  photo CastlevaniaHDTitleCard_zps10fad6f0.jpg I don't think I used this in the video  photo ZerotoOneHundredLightspeedtitlecard_zpsd32a661b.png Slapped together not the worst thing but pretty lazy  photo DragonKnightTitleCard01_zpsaea7ec20.png This is much better minus a few things and one of them is not Zero's saggy fat(Ok maybe slightly)  photo RESurvivorTitleCardwithtextwide_zpsa405fd8c.png Done in paint too and I don't think I used it


 photo ChannelArt011280x240_zps02918290.png

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