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National Student Loan
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Goal: $20000.00 | Raised: $5.00 Started: June 4, 2012
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Ever borrowed a big sum of money from a student loan and having trouble paying it off? Well that's where I am right not and it's very pressuring. Especially when you can't get hired in Toronto.

This is just something I cooked up in the back and not quite expecting anyone to eat it. Whether you feel compassion or pity to help. I'll still be looking for work to pay this loan off myself and putting my videos on blip to get a little tiny bit of bonus cash to help speed this process up and one day be freed of it all.

Is this desperate? Well in a sense yes. However I'm not holding my breathe expecting everyone to help. I still plan to finish this myself. But if you can and want to help please try.


$5 = An audio clip of me thanking you, yeah I ran out of ideas for $5.

$10 =  Having your name in the credit for every review as thank you, because you donated towards helping me.

$20 = A personal custom thank you titcard drawn by me that you can use for your desktop(You can request one thing you'd like to see in the titlecard [Like a character or what the setting of the titlecard be in], NO HENTAI/PORN as sexy as that would be).

$40 = I will give you a personal call(skype) thanking you and chatting for a bit along with everything above, and I will voice a custom ringtone for your phone(You get to decide what I will say in the ringtone, once again nothing Hentai/Porn sounding).

$80* = You can choose which game for me to Let's Play next(only if possible)


$80** = You get to commentate along side me on my let's play channel on one video

$100* = I will make an appearance in your videos/channel thanking you/being a cameo in your video or if you make video game reviews yourself I will help you with writing your script and proof reading it giving feedback as best as I can along with everything above.


$100 = In the event you donated $100, but don't do video game reviews or video. I will send you a LWC T-shirt signed by me along with everything above.

$250* = You get to decide what the next review I work toward is after the next video I finish along with everthing above(only the first person will get this).

$350* = I will make a small statue/figurine of myself or one of my characters that you get to choose. I will color them in too.(Please give a few days to make n bake n painted and package as carefully as I can.) with everything above(Limited to three people)

$700 = TBA



**Only if you have a mic

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