"You're the Viewers and I'm the Reviewer!"

Who's WizWar100?

WizWar100 is a one man reviewer that appeared in 2006 around the time Angry Nintendo Nerd, Armake21, PlayitBogart started.

He was intrigued by reviewing video games because he loves video games too and talking about it doesn't seem so difficult.

Thus you see the man before you.

"You're the Viewers and he's the Reviewer!"



Who's WizWar100? Part 2

Now not to showoff being I have nothing to do with said reviewers success but knowing that I was part of the initial spark does give people like me heart attacks.

But on a different note: "SUCK IT BEACHES! >:D"

Where did the name WizWar100 come from?

One word; Runescape. Going into detail it's a combination of being a Wizard and Warrior and being 100% awesome. That was the username I stuck with from then on.

What happened to your old account on Youtube?

It's lost and everyone should start watching my videos on this site or on Blip as that will help me.

I will only post trailers and updates on Youtube to direct traffic to my bliptv channel.

If the video on blip get to 10k views or after a month I will upload them onto youtube, but please just go watch it on blip so you can help with the views and ads which will help with the cash.

Where are the reviews?

I know I've been on big hiatus with the video game reviews,but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything related to it. I've been scripting and writing my reviews to prepare for the next video.

Now that doesn't seem like the case as I have no videos appearing on a consistent basis.
See reviewing and talking about a game is easy. Getting the footage for your review to show the various points of it is not so easy and in fact the more annoying parts of reviewing when;

  1.  It's a long game.
  2.  It's a very long game.

Now it is and isn't me being lazy because if I had to record 60+ hours of me playing an rpg game to review and only end up using at most 30 minutes of it. It really makes those 60 hours of recording go to waste somewhat.
But at the same time you can argue that better to have more footage than to have less. I agree but the thing is "Time".

Speaking of time there are two things in life I need to do for sustaining myself and those are finishing college and getting hired.
Don't I get money from blip or youtube? No I don't or at least not enough to cover a month's worth of expense.

If people went to my blip and watched every video and was able to on a consistent basis get me $100+ a week from the views and advertisement, then Yes I would put more time towards making more videos for you guys.

But because that's the case and the case of free entertainment(whether it's poor or great), I can't dedicated 100% of my time on videos, only 1%-5%.

And not a lot of people think of the process of making a well constructed video review and the time it takes. People think it's just a snap of a finger, when it's not.

I also had scheduling problems on when to get to recording and editing, but I think I found my schedule groove.
So things will hopefully have some steady process.

Also as of 2012 - 2013, I've been taking my time with videos because I want to be satisfied with the final product so that's the case now. I may have the video finish but I give it a day or two for me to view it as an audience to see if anything looks odd. Unlike my 2006 to 2010 where I made videos for cheap laughs. I want there to be quality.

 And that's how I'm going to do things from now on.

How can I help you?

Why how kind of you.
Well there are a few things I can think of that would help with putting progress to making more videos.

1. Watch the videos on Blip or my site which embeds blip.

  - Watch it on blip, the more views I can get, the more money payout I can get and when the payout on blip go from small allowances to paychecks. Basically making it a viable primary source of income and I will dedicate more time to making videos.

2. Get your friends to watch my videos(On Blip or my site) and get them to spread the word of WizWar.

  - Now I do know I have fans who are doing these things as such but remember you are only one person. That's not enough to help  with the views and such, so get people to go check me out.

3. Go on the forums

  - Sign up and go on the forums, make discussions, talk, and fill it up. It motivates me that people are on my site talking and doing things. Now of course keep it under control.

4. Video game footage

  - I had an idea where I could get you guys involved in my videos and help with making progress on my videos. That plan is if you able to get footage for games that I can't record off of because of lack of equipment, or you can help with gathering footage so once I finish writing my script I can immediately jump to editing.

Requirements are:

  1. You must be able to record High Quality footage for me to use.
  2. You must follow given instructions on what I want recorded.
  3. You can record whatever you want after you get what I need, and I may use them to fill in the space during the video.

You will be credited and I'll make sure to credit your efforts in the video and that's kind of all you'll get, maybe I'll give you a button or something.

Moderator are also a thought on my site, The moderators will be keeping order on the forums and keeping me up to date on what's posted. 

5. Donation.

  - Donating money or games to me helps with giving some idea or direction to the next video and future thing. However I do feel uncomfortable about it because if I don't make good use of your donation it's no real different from being a theft and I don't like that, I don't want to make people feel robbed. Only donate cash if you REALLY don't mind donating it to help support my show, and only donate games if you REALLY don't mind parting with it. Now don't go out and buy me an expensive game because like I said it feels like theft. But if it's like a super cheap game below $5 then I don't feel as bad since well it's like throwing pennies.

Also my Patron:

6. Buy my shirts(?)

  - Yeah I have a T-Shirt store and this is below number 4 because those shirts are stupidly expensive with my logo and pictures. I don't recommend buying them, trust me I'd rather sell them for less than $15 bucks if I could $20 max. And if you did buy my expensive shirts I'll have to send you a thank you card drawn by me which is the best I can do now.

How do I contact/talk with you?

The best way in the sense that I recommend to contact me is on the forums here on this site or my email at I made those for a reason and I will check them.

As for instant messaging and skype or what not. I'm sorry but I can't do that with over one thousand subscribers and fans. It would be unfair to everyone if I talked to one of you individually and if I talked to all of you I would not get anything done.

Think in my shoes, imagine that each conversation I have with each person is let's say 6 minutes and with one thousand people that's 6000 minutes which is 100 hours that's more than FOUR DAYS worth of filming, recording, and editing. And that's just talking with one thousand people for 6 minutes. You should be able to see how this will slow down or halt any progress at all.

But I'm not a monster, I would like to chat with fans and so forth but it's not possible for me to chat and be working on video at the same time. You want my undivided attention right? Which do you prefer? More videos coming out? Or more time spent with WizWar as he gets nothing done? Well I guess you can always go the conventions I attend where my time is pretty unlimited there such a; Anime North and Conbravo. I will make announcements of where I'll be attending whether it's all weekend or one day only.

But reminding you on how to contact me, use the forums I will check them and giving me PMs on the site or on youtube or my Gmail account( I will do my best on my spare time to answer all your wonderful messages.


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