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Yes I have moved to a new domain and well despite what I said about never giving up my site, I have officially moved and paid for a domain on Wordpress that you can go to here:

It's a lot better looking and much easier to work and organize on my wordpress site than it is on Freewebs. Freewebs has been kind to users like me but it just doesn't do the job so I'm moving to bigger and better domains, but I will keep this site for backup if anything ever happens.

Stay tuned on the new site.

Is It Worth It? EP02: Mario Party-E

 Ugh finally, after taking too long I get this out of the way, turned out nice but was rather a pain to figure out how to record it and then editing it. But Enjoy Mario Party-E

Hyrule Warriors [Demo Impressions]

Took a while but I finally got around to telling you guys my impressions on the Hyrule Warriors Demo

Super Smash Bros 3DS [Demo Impression]

Here's my impressions on the upcoming Smash Bros game on 3DS, sent especially to me by Nintendo(And certain Platinum members).

[LWC] Vlog August 2014

 With the lack of videos being made I'd figured I'd at least tell you why that is so(or try to)

Is It Worth It? EP01: Nintendo E-Reader

 Hey guys I'm back with a new video and name for this series I'll be doing and that is talking about specific types of video game related material that is more informative than it it funny like my other videos which I'll still do.
But in the meantime check out what I think about the Nintendo E-Reader.

Question; is it sad that it only took me two days to make AND also actually be satisfied with what I made? I'll let you decide. Also thanks A&C Games for letting me borrow the Kirby card to show.

Quick Cuts: Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie

 Sorry for the late video guys, I've just been having somewhat busy days so this took longer than it should have but here it is; Quick Cuts AVGN Movie, along with the original video I did but I'll just keep that as a bonus on the site.

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